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The video outlines how this can be achieved. 


This video is voiced by Peter Dure-Smith and co-edited by Thomas Dure-Smith

About Peter Dure-Smith

Peter and his wife retired to live on Maui 20 years ago. Up to then, like most people, Peter disliked Politics and avoided getting involved as much as possible. He was soon to learn this is a big mistake in that It allows the present corrupt political system to control our lives.

When he started to take an interest in politics his previous career as a Professor of Radiology involved questioning the status quo of medical procedures and coming up with alternative solutions. This was not greeted by the medical profession with unalloyed enthusiasm (he still has the scars to prove it). There was considerable resentment to the suggestion that some of their practices were obsolete and needed to be changed.

However he was to find that the physician’s resistance to change was mild compared to that by politicians when he suggested that they are the root cause for todays political turmoil and must be eliminated. He received a registered letter from David C. Goode, Department of Public Works accusing him of damaging public property and threatening him with escalating fines without means of appeal. This and Peter’s initial response are attached.  

The more he dug the more he found, including startlingly good news. Namely that we now have Internet Technology which offers the means to eliminate todays political system of Representative Democracy and replace it with a True or Direct Democracy. A system that is truly of, by and for the people. 

In summary he came to understand that Internet Technology, in one fell swoop offers us, we the people, the means to salvage the trillions of dollars of our money now being siphoned off by 10% of our fellow American citizens. Giving us control not only of our immense wealth but control of our country and our Democracy.

Also he recognize that the biggest obstacle to making this change is likely to be the peoples dislike of politics and avoiding getting involved as much as possible.

Here again Internet Technology may come to our rescue. Many times a good idea posted on the Internet can go viral and seed a major change. 

So please sign on and join in the debate.


What Role can i play?

For most it will need you to sign on, stay connected and vote when a vote is called for. Remember you will be the final arbiter for your governments decisions. You will be voting on issues, not as now to vote on electing a politician to make decisions for you.

For most this should take little of your time. Probably about as long as it takes most people to check their emails.

For a small minority it will require them to offer their time and expertise in developing a new government. A government structured to support a Direct Democracy. 

For example new systems will need to be developed.

A new Constitution will be needed to support a Direct Democracy. If you have expertise on constitutions offer your services.

A new voting system will be needed to vote on issues to replace the voting system dedicated to electing politicians. A chairman will be needed to guide the deliberations. If you have expertise on voting systems offer your services

A new interactive website will be needed that has the capacity and sophistication to process input from millions of voters. If you have expertise on website development offer your services.

A new information system will be needed. Today there are basically two sources of information - the government and for profit news papers; government propaganda and news that will sell the newspaper.

A peoples information system would give the pros and cons and be as unbiased as possible. This will be an important source of information when the people have the vote which will become the law. 

These are just a few examples of new systems that are likely to be needed in the development of a Direct Democracy. If you have expertise in the many more that will be needed join the debate.

This may be the most interesting and important thing you do. It may never happen without your wisdom

Peter's Reply to Goode

Violation of Chapter 20.08.

This is a preliminary response to your registered letter dated April 2018. 

Before you proceed any further with this action, I request answers to the following questions: 

1. Does not your action violate The Sixth Amendment to the Constitution which guarantee citizens accused of breaking the law the right to a fair hearing? Is not your action a summary punishment without due process? 

2. Your letter states that “On April 13 2018 grading work was observed that requires a grading and grubbing permit.” 

Without naming the person or persons who made this observation how is it possible to validate their claim and if they qualified to determine that a grading and grubbing permit is required?

3.You state that I have “until May 31, 2018 to return the drainage way back to its original condition, to undo any work done in front of the Tavares property at TMK : (2) 2-9—002:037”. 

As the Tavares property line is not marked out to demarcate the position of their property lot line, how do they know their property has been violated? Nor if it involved only the 3 foot easement required by the County for road widening and improvements?

4. Mayor Arakawa has designated N. Honokala Road as a government road but the County has no funds to maintain it. If the County has no funds to maintain the road then the only option is for the road to be maintained by private funds. Are you saying that if the road is maintained by private individuals they are in violation of Chapter 20.08?  

  • 5. N. Honokala Road is the only access road available to private properties abutting N. Honokala Road. If they are not legally entitled to maintain the access road to their properties the properties are seriously compromised? 
  • 6. N. Honokala Road is crossed by a steam subject to periodic flash flooding. Private individuals dug up N. Honokala Road to lay 4 three foot wide corrugated plastic pipes in order to divert the stream water. Is it you opinion that this work required a permit?
  • 7. On March 1,2015, two inspectors, Ms Cathy Hasfurther and Leslie I Otani DSA Subdivsion inspected this work in the presence of several N. Honokala land owners including myself. Subsequently Mayor Arakawa adjudicated that this work required no permit. Do you agree with Mayor Arakawa’s decision? Do you agree this is a blatant code violation?

8. History records that when elected government officials break the law, be they Mayors, Governors or Presidents (ergo the Watergate scandal) they have been forced to resign and often punished? Should not this be applied in this violation?

There are many other questions which are raised by your action. The questions above are a starting point.

Peter Dure-Smith. MD

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